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Hello! I am Jeffrey Mack

Multi-award-winning comedy writer and performer.

A world-renowned master of comedy storytelling, the author of funny quotes and clever jokes. At least according to my nan. You might’ve seen me on TV (nan did) or YouTube.

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When it comes to comedy, nothing ever beats a live performance. This is where the best jokes are born and true legends are forged. So come and witness  comedy history being born.


Germany —785 15h Street, Office 478Berlin, De 81566

Take a seat and enjoy the show of a lifetime

Comedian of
the year

A breakout comedy star of 2021 – Jeffrey Mack – is officially a resident! If you’ve enjoyed his recent TV appearances or have been following his meteoric rise on YouTube, you would not want to miss this.

Get your tickets to the first show of his World Tour right here in The Gig. Don’t miss the stand-up event of the year!

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